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Drain Tiles

What is a Drain system?
Drain tile is a system that keeps your basement dry by allowing excess water to drain away from your house. Drainage systems can deteriorate over time, and become ineffective which is why at Sabtech Plumbing & Drainage we offer drain tile repairs, installation, and cleaning services.

What does Drain Tile ensure?
Drain Tile ensures that the foundation of your house is preserved. It would be a disaster if your tenants in the basement had their belongings destroyed due to flooding.

Do I need a Drain Tile system?
If you are a homeowner or you have a business it is essential to have a drain system in place. Call us to schedule an appointment in order to find out if you have a drain tile in place, if you do our experts will find out the conditions of the system and it needs repair.

How often should I check my Drain Tile system?
It is necessary to get your drain tile cleaned or at least inspected every one to three years to keep the drain system clear of debris.

How much does it cost to install Drain Tiles?
This will be determined by many factors and we can come in to do a free estimate.

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