Drainage services

At Sabtech Plumbing & Drainage we offer a range of services to tackle all drainage issues.  Our drainage solutions include: Hydro-jetting, snaking, rooter service and camera inspections. We are able and equipped to repair, replace drainage above and underground. We have in house excavators and machine when required.

Hydro-jetting and snaking perform the same tasks – Clean drains and main sewer lines as well as pipe lines. However Hydro-jetting is a more powerful and versatile method. Hydro-jetting methods can tackle commercial as well as domestic sewer lines.

Our professionals repair drain tiles, and install drainage lines to prevent your basement from getting flooded.

Jetting machines contain high-pressure hose with a specialized nozzle. These high-pressure systems will blast water into drainage lines at 3000-8000 PSI using either hot or cold water, depending on the pipe condition.  For example, lines that contain grease buildup can be cleaned effectively with a hot water jetter.

Drain Tile
Drain tile is a system that can be made up of clay, concrete, plastic or PVC proliferated pipes. Drain tiles are laid around the exterior of a house or building at the footing of the foundation. These are in place to take away any ground water or roof water from the house.  If the drain tiles become damaged or plugged, this often causes flooding.  We strongly recommend for new and old systems be regularly maintained.

Snaking is done with something called an auger. When the auger is inserted into the drain line, the coil at the end pierces obstructions it encounters and clears a path through the pipe. There are many types of augers, both manual and mechanical. They come in various sizes with optional heads depending on the pipe size and obstruction.

Camera Inspection
Camera Inspections are used to locate the exact location of the breakage or discrepancy within the pipe. At Sabtech, are vans are we are equipped with camera locators of various size and lengths, ranging from ½” to 12”, to accommodate all drainage issues. This machinery also is equipped with the ability to record the problem within the pipe. Unplugging or clearing an issue is one thing, however, being able to visually see the problem, pinpoint the location and gather information leads to a more permanent repair. Camera Inspections are beneficial to use as it allows us to determine how much work is required or when maintenance needs to be undertaken.

We offer flat-rate pricing at Sabtech Plumbing and Drainage. Call us and know the exact cost before we come out to fix the problem. No surprises. We’re satisfied only when you are. Give us a call today.

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Plumbing Emergency? Available 24/7 Call 604-596-0405
Plumbing Emergency? Available 24/7 Call 604-596-0405