How To Unclog a Sink in 4 Easy Steps

A clogged sink–  is a frustrating experience and seems to happen at the most inconvenient times. Fortunately, in most circumstances, you can fix these difficulties and unclog on your own with a few steps.

With our tips and just a few minutes of your time, you can get the clogged bathroom sink flowing again, no chemicals or professional plumbers required.

Step 1: Disconnect the stopper.

The most probable issue is that gunk has gathered on the plug. In any case, before you can clean it, you should initially separate it.

Go under the sink and look for a metal strip with holes in it. Unscrew the pivot nut connecting this metal strip to the drain pipe. Haul the rod out of the pop-up assembly to separate it from the stopper.

Step 2: Remove and clean the stopper.

Lift the stopper out of the drain, you’ll notice quite a bit of gunk that has gathered on the drain. Remove any gunk, wipe the stopper with a damp paper towel, and dump the chaos into a trash can.

Step 3: Snake the drain.

While a gunked-up stopper is a likely reason for the clogged bathroom sink, you should also use a hand snake on the drain to ensure a thorough cleaning. Many hardware stores carry this handy little tool at a reasonable price.

While the stopper is removed, insert the snake into the drain and crank the handle to spin the head around inside the pipe. This allows it to grab onto any gunk in its path, including hair, dirt, soap scum, and other debris.

Dump the debris in the trash and snake the drain again. Repeat this process until the snake comes out relatively clean. Brace yourself for the stink.

Step 4: Reinstall the stopper.

Put the stopper back in the drain, and then go under the sink and re-connect the pivot nut to the metal strip with holes. Test the stopper by pulling up on the metal rod behind the faucet.

Once you’re sure the stopper is functioning correctly, open the drain all the way and turn on the faucet to see if the water flows now. If it does, mission complete! But if the bathroom sink still won’t drain, there’s one more thing you can try before calling a plumber…

Optional Step 5: Check and de-gunk the P-Trap.

The p-trap is the elbow-shaped section of plumbing. Your hand snake might not be quite long enough to clear gunk from the trap, so it’s time to take a look inside.

Place a bucket beneath the p-trap and unscrew the connectors holding the pipe in place with a wrench. Dump out the water and gunk from the p-trap into your trusty bucket. If needed, wipe out the inside of the pipe to remove stuck-on gunk.

Reattach the p-trap, pray, and turn on the faucet. The water SHOULD flow! However, if the clog is located deeper down the line and the bathroom sink still won’t drain, you might need help from a professional plumber.

Call Sabtech Plumbing & Drainage to Unclog Your Bathroom or Kitchen Sink

It’s easy to feel desperate when the bathroom or kitchen sink won’t drain despite your best efforts to unclog it. Fortunately, a professional can handle the job.

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