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BC Children’s Hospital

We are proud to sponsor the BC Children’s Hospital who provides expert care for the most seriously ill and injured children.   Many of the specialized pediatric services are not available anywhere else in the province.  We feel that this charity deserves support as it works towards achieving better health of our future generations.  Each and every service call of Sabtech Plumbing helps towards putting smiles back where they belong.

Seniors Discount

We offer the seniors of our community discounted rates on all of our service calls and we are always willing to offer any additional assistance and support whenever necessary.

Proud Canadian

We are proud and honored to be an owned and operated Canadian company.  All of our supplies and materials are purchased locally from Canadian companies.

Sabtech Eco Friendly

We are committed to doing our part in preserving our planet by using products and services which do not cause harm to the environment.  We recycle parts and materials whenever possible and do not use any harsh chemicals.  We dispose of all waste and chemicals properly in the appropriate toxics disposal sites.  We conserve water during our service calls by using alternative methods of testing and repair.  We also advise our customers on environmentally-friendly methods they can adopt in the daily use of their household facilities and appliances.  Such as:

  • Running the washing machine and dishwasher only when full.
  • Replacing older toilets with new dual-flush systems which use less water.
  • Using storage tanks to collect rain water for general yard work and to even wash vehicles.
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